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rpg-language.com is a site for software developers working on IBM's ISeries (aka AS400 or i5). The aim is to build rpg-language.com into a comprehensive knowledgebase for RPG/400 and RPG-IV on IBM's ISeries. I have worked on AS400s since it was released in 1988 and previously worked on the S38 and S34. I am based in Limerick, Ireland, and am available for contract work such as programming, analysis, documentation.

Compilers on AS400 are RPG/400 and RPG-IV. Cobol, C and Java are also available for the AS400 from IBM. SQL is available, either as a stand-alone query tool or embedded within the source programs.

ILE, put very simply, means that an executable program on AS400 can be built up from a number of compiled program modules. Thus an executable program can be built from RPG-IV modules only, or from modules written for a combination of compilers such as RPG-IV, C and Cobol. RPG-IV is also known as ILE-RPG.

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This is a website for software developers working on IBM iSeries (aka AS400).
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