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Message Subfile

ZX030 is a file update program designed to illustrate the use of a message subfile. The download file contains four sources -

  • Screen file DDS - zx030fm
  • RPG-ILE source - zx030
  • Physical file DDS - zx030pf
  • Messages - zxmsgf

The RPG-ILE source uses QMHSNDPM to send messages to the queue.
Similarly, it uses QMHRMVPM to clear messages from the queue.

This works on V5R3M0 and later.

The program itself is a simple data management program.
Existing records are displayed and may be updated, deleted or inquired. New records may be added.

A standard subfile (SFLSIZ > SFLPAG) is used to display data. The subfile rrn is used with SFLRCDNBR to initially position the display the last page - new records are keyed at the end of the subfile in ths example.

Data keyed is read by READC and validated. For add and update, valid records are (re)written to the physical file. Fields in error on invalid records are highlighted and an appropriate message is written to the message subfile.

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